Flinders Logistics has a sophisticated yard management system which uses track and trace technology for each container. We can blend different grades of our clients’ product in the ship’s hold prior to export and this enables us to deliver a highly responsive, flexible service.

Flinders Logistics’ Enclosed Bulk System, where we containerise bulk, in combination with our DF MISTING® technology have significantly reduced product loss along the pit-to-port supply chain.  During the transportation process a mining company would typically expect to lose between 0.5% to 2% of their bulk minerals as a direct result of the transportation process.  With Flinders Logistics’ innovative safety and environmental systems, our customers have reported their product loss to be near zero.  This is not just great for the environment, it is also great for the bottom line, because across millions of tonnes of high value commodities our systems are saving our clients millions of dollars.

Our DF MISTING® systems have been rigorously tested and are triple monitored on an ongoing basis.  The results have consistently shown that the latest generation of monitoring equipment and devices have not been able to detect dust emissions from our operations, so we are confident that our systems are highly effective.

The DF MISTING® technology works by generating an extremely fine spray which disperses across the ship’s hold to form a natural barrier. The nozzles in the DF-Misting System are adjusted so the water droplets match the size of the mineral dust allowing them attach to dust particles and trap them inside the ship’s hold. After the cargo is loaded the water droplets evaporate and return to the water cycle.

We conduct a full supply chain analysis for all of our clients and look for efficiencies across the supply chain. By maximising how land-based transport and storage is utilised, we can deliver significant cost savings.

No, you don’t need to use South Australian ports.  Flinders Logistics can stevedore your cargo and deliver logistics services at any port, or location in Australia.

Yes, we encourage our clients to trial our dust suppression technology on their vessels. With our mobile tippler can come to you and work at any location, or facility in Australia. Our extensive knowledge base on how dust from different commodities is generated and behaves across a range of vessel hatch configurations and weather conditions will allow us to tailor a solution for you.

Yes, the earlier the better. We assist explorers with supply chain scenarios and costings that have been used for both pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, which then enables miners to secure project funding.

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