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Safety for people and the environment is the top priority for Flinders Logistics.

Whether you need a stevedore to load or unload your products at a port, or logistics services across your entire supply chain, it’s vital that your transport logistics provider is environmentally responsible.

Flinders Logistics is certified in ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems, but that is only the beginning. We see our certifications as minimum standards and not our main goal.

Our goal is to constantly refine and improve our environmental management standards to benefit our customers and our stakeholders.

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The number one goal at Flinders Logistics is to make sure our workforce returns home from work accident and injury free, each and every day.

Flinders Logistics is certified to OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health & Safety Systems and ISO 9001:Quality Management Systems, but as with environmental management, we use these safety and quality systems as our minimum benchmark. We are continually reviewing our safety solutions and our aim is to completely eliminate risks wherever we can.

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Cristal Mining container showing gravity assisted locks

At Flinders Logistics we work closely with the port operator to ensure that our cargo handling facilities are safe, secure and comply fully with all legislative requirements, and current security advice.

For more information about security and access arrangements to Flinders Logistics’ operations, please call 08 8447 0600 or visit the port operator’s website www.flindersports.com.au.

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As part of the Flinders Port Holdings group, we comply with the group’s policies on corporate social responsibility.

Follow the link to learn more about how Flinders Logistics delivers logistics and stevedoring services responsibly.

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Innovative logistics

Flinders Logistics is one of Australia's most innovative logistics companies.

A division of the Flinders Port Holdings group, we meet our clients' need for cost efficient logistics services that are safe and environmentally sound.

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