Dust Control

By using specially designed containers and developing our DF MISTING® technology, Flinders Logistics has created a consistently effective method for minimising dust emissions along the pit-to-port supply chain.

DF MISTING® technology

From its inception the DF MISTING® system has been constantly refined and improved.

It now features several different types of nozzles with bespoke filters, fan options and a water-wise innovation that has reduced the amount of water used to generate the fine mist spray.

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DF MISTING® bar system

DF MISTING® bar technology can be used to suppress dust when handling different types and grades of bulk products. It works by using multiple layers of bars that generate layers of fine mist of differing depths. This results in an extremely fine mist dispersing across the ship’s hold to form a natural barrier which contains the dust particles inside the vessel.


  • Highly effective in reducing the level of dust emissions
  • Fully compliant with Total Moisture Limits (TMLs) for product
  • Water-wise – environmentally sound
  • Cost efficient – reduces product loss
  • Can be used in combination with DF MISTING® fans

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Flinders Logistics developed DF MISTING® fans for use on cargo hatches of project cargo ships. 

The fans use water pressure rather than electricity to generate a fine mist across the ship’s hold. The lightweight fans can be installed anywhere on the ship’s hold.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible – ideal for non-standard vessel cargo hatches
  • Safe and easy to install
  • Remain effective in windy conditions
  • Environmentally efficient – uses water power
  • Can be used in combination with the patented DF MISTING® bar technology

“DF Misting® fan and bar systems provide versatile dust suppression solutions. We’re using these for loading and unloading concentrates with similarly excellent results.”

Andrew Pellizzari, General Manager, Flinders Logistics


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