Bulk Exports

Flinders Logistics pioneered the transport of bulk minerals in containers in Australia.

Containerised bulk

Flinders Logistics pioneered the transport of bulk minerals in containers in Australia. While other logistics companies have entered this market, we lead the way in environmental and safety management across the supply chain – from pit-to-port.

Containerising bulk involves loading mineral products into custom-built containers at the mine, then transporting these to port by road or rail. At Flinders Logistics, we use our Enclosed Bulk System, where every container is fitted with specially designed lockable lids.  Locked containers protect the environment because these prevent product escaping into the atmosphere as dust during the journey to port.

Dust contained

Once in port the bulk minerals remain in the containers until they are ready for export.  Using our in-house harbour cranes, we lift the containers inside the ship’s hold and rotate them with our rotating container tippler which is fitted to the crane.  The containers also act as storage at the port, which means the fine bulk product is not disturbed.  In that way we avoid generating dust, so the risk of environmental pollution in the port from transferring the minerals into a shed is avoided.  It is also cost efficient for our clients, because they do not need to pay for shed storage.

Releasing the mineral bulk from containers inside the vessel hold requires careful environmental management because this is when dust could escape causing pollution and a risk to human health.  That’s why we have developed our award winning DF MISTING® technology.  We use DF MISTING® to generate fine mist which traps dust inside the ship’s hold – protecting the environment and our clients’ bottom line by avoiding product loss.

Containerised bulk – the Flinders Logistics difference

  • Our systems can help to get a mining junior to market for very little capital
  • Our Enclosed Bulk System and DF MISTING® technology prevent dust escaping into the environment across the pit-to-ship supply chain
  • Our clients’ save money because our system reduces product loss from pit-to-port to near zero levels
  • Our high safety and environmental standards for stevedoring and logistics services align with our clients’ goals on corporate social responsibility

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Bulka bags

From our facilities at Port Pirie in South Australia’s mid-north, Flinders Logistics provides stevedoring services for our client’s exports of zinc by-product.

The product is moved using Bulka bags which are lightweight polypropylene bags.  Our team has designed a purpose-built spreader in-house which features air release hooks.  This means that the bags can be released remotely by our team, keeping them at a safe distance and away from operational risks.

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Innovative logistics

Flinders Logistics is one of Australia's most innovative logistics companies.

A division of the Flinders Port Holdings group, we meet our clients' need for cost efficient logistics services that are safe and environmentally sound.

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