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Containerised Bulk

Containerising bulk involves loading mineral products into custom-built containers at the mine, then transporting these to port by road or rail. At Flinders Logistics, we use our Enclosed Bulk System, where every container is fitted with specially designed lockable lids.

Locked containers protect the environment because these prevent product escaping into the atmosphere as dust during transit.

From our facilities at Port Pirie we also facilitate exports of zinc by-product. The product is moved using Bulka bags which are lightweight polypropylene bags. Our team has designed a purpose-built spreader in-house which features air release hooks. This means that the bags can be released remotely by our team, keeping them at a safe distance and away from operational risks.

  • Our systems can help to get a mining junior to market for very little capital
  • Our Enclosed Bulk System and DF MISTING® technology prevent dust escaping into the environment across the pit-to-ship supply chain
  • Our clients’ save money because our system reduces product loss from pit-to-port to near zero levels
  • Our high safety and environmental standards for stevedoring and logistics services align with our clients’ goals on corporate social responsibility

Bulk Imports

We have a proven track record in the safe and efficient unloading of bulk cargoes.

Whether we are using our purpose built ship-to-shore cranes or the ships’ cranes, Flinders Logistics has sourced the best available hoppers and grabs that lead the market in dust suppression.

At Port Pirie, we are working closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the highest possible standards in environmental management for the unloading of bulk cargoes at the harbour precinct. We deploy our patented DF MISTING® system during the unloading process from the vessel. Our modernisation of stevedoring services at Port Pirie has enabled our clients to significantly improve the environmental management of their import

Multi Modal

Our Berth 29 facility includes a purpose-built rail spur to facilitate both rail and road freight.

Linked to the main rail line, Berth 29 is directly accessible to the Australian network. Road transport to the site can be efficiently received from Gate B on Minnipa Road.

Our Port Pirie facilities also have excellent connections to the national road and rail networks.

Our rail-head facilities at Berth 29 are fully integrated with our IT yard management system to ensure that we maximise the efficiencies from our rail linked terminal.  By deploying our in-house fleet of reach-stackers and ITVs we can deliver logistics services to our clients that will produce savings in both time and costs.

Container Services

At Berth 29 we offer a range of container-related services to support our clients’ requirements.

We can also assist you with hiring any other plant or equipment for your projects. Our in-house engineering department and skilled workforce can assist your business with:

  • container repairs
  • customising containers
  • container hire

Storage & Warehousing

Flinders Logistics has access to storage facilities at our Port Adelaide and Port Pirie sites.

At Berth 29 part of our storage capacity has been allocated to a grid scheme which we use in conjunction with our specialist IT system for yard management. We can also readily access general storage zones and development areas at Berth 29, Port Adelaide and at Berth 4, Port Pirie Harbour to meet our clients’ storage needs.
For further warehousing services please see our sister company, Flinders Warehousing & Distribution.

Supply Chain Analysis

We offer a complete supply chain analysis service to identify how our clients and potential clients can drive efficiencies and cost savings for their projects.

We offer project coordination and consultancy advice as part of our service commitment. Our expert team can advise and assist with:

  • bankable pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • developing brownfield or greenfield sites as part of a supply chain solution
  • identifying efficiencies and cost savings for your project

Please contact us at an early stage and let us assist you by providing key information needed to attract investors.

Bulka Bags

From our facilities at Port Pirie in South Australia’s mid-north, Flinders Logistics provides stevedoring services for our client’s exports of zinc by-product.

The product is moved using Bulka bags which are lightweight polypropylene bags.  Our team has designed a purpose-built spreader in-house which features air release hooks.  This means that the bags can be released remotely by our team, keeping them at a safe distance and away from operational risks.


Specialised Spreaders

Flinders Logistics has specialised tipplers which we use to release containerised bulk minerals inside a vessel’s cargo hatch.  

These specialised spreaders have lid-lift technology and are a key part of the environmentally friendly and cost-effective logistics services that we offer our mining sector clients.  We have recently invested in a mobile tippler spreader which can be fitted to a reach stacker, or used with ships’ cranes.

The mobile tippler has its own power pack and can work at any location, or facility in Australia – showcasing our pit-to-port logistics.  For our operations at Port Pirie, our team has designed a purpose built automatic bulka bag spreader which allows bulk products to be loaded into a ship’s hold, while our employees remain at a safe distance. This eliminates the risks from these operations for our staff and contractors.

We have the capability to develop new spreaders to meet your requirements.

Internal Transfers Vehicles

Flinders Logistics has a range of Internal Transfer Vehicles (ITVs) to move the containers that we stevedore to and from storage areas. 

Our fleet includes double tractors which can carry a maximum of two containers at a time and triple tractors, which can transport up to three containers simultaneously. This dedicated fleet enables us to deliver highly efficient logistics services in port, and also supports our stevedoring operations during the ship loading process.

In addition to our fleet of ITVs, we have a range of plant and equipment.

Reachstackers & Forklifts

Flinders Logistics has a fleet of reachstackers and forklifts which we use to provide logistics and stevedoring services for landside operation at our Berth 29 facility in Port Adelaide.

Our reachstackers and forklifts have lifting capacities ranging from 2 tonnes to 45 tonnes. The reachstakers can also be fitted with our new mobile tippler spreader. The fleet keeps our intermodal operations running smoothly and delivers a fast, efficient service for our clients.

In addition to our reachstackers and forklifts, we have a range of plant and equipment.


Flinders Logistics has two in-house mobile harbour cranes which we use to stevedore mineral products in containers into the ship’s hold. 

Each crane has a 100-tonne capacity and has been fitted with a noise reduction system for the safety and wellbeing of our workforce, contractors and residential stakeholders near Berth 29.  Using 100-tonne capacity cranes means that we can load cargo faster than if we only relied on ship’s cranes. This allows us to deliver faster turn-around times and cost savings for clients.

In addition to our cranes, we have a range of plant and equipment.


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